Waves of change

I sometimes use agile methodologies alongside gestalt in an effort to increase the likelihood of the change being effective and to reduce the risk of change overload.


For each sprint I bring awareness to the gestalt cycle of change by

  1. Beginning with awareness and acceptance of what is really happening in the workplace
  2. Basing the next sprint on this reality rather than where we should be according to the plan. And because the sprints are short the activities can be more experimental and experiential
  3. Then taking the actions defined in the sprint whilst continually sensing the reaction of and impact on the people
  4. Calling a timed end to the sprint and taking the time to understand where everybody is now. What’s changed? What’s stayed the same?  What’s left unfinished? And asking the leaders to bring others awareness to this. [Then starting again at number 1].


I’ve been noticing how hard it is for some leaders to pause at the end of each sprint and bring awareness to the impact of the change activities. It often seems so much easier to point out what hasn’t been done or what should be done next.


I believe whether the change activity has brought ease or pain it is vital for leaders to acknowledge this openly with their people, to be honest that to rejuvenate a business will bring times of joy and pain.


Our role at the end of each sprint is to hold the organisation, encourage it to take a breath and be mindful of the new reality.
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