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I walk into the office I’ve been working in for years and not a single person says “hello” or “good morning” or “hi, how’re you?”. I feel invisible.

I walk along a country lane and pass another hiker, we both say “hello”, and then I hear “Watch out for the frisky cattle in the next field”. I feel seen.

What stops us making this simple act of connection at work? When did we stop seeing each other?

In South African cultures which follow the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’, people greet each other with “Sawu bona” or “I see you” and the other replies “Sikhona” or “I am here”

The greeting literally means…

UNTIL YOU SEE ME~ I do not exist.

Or when you see me you bring me into existence.

How often do we, or those around us, feel unseen and unimportant? How different would it be if we brought the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ to our work?

Let others know that you see them. Let others know they exist.

Try it, take a moment out of your day to say “hello” and see what happens.

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