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Maggie Marriott

Maggie is a naturally systemic thinker who brings 25 years experience, skill and knowledge to bear on organisational challenges.  Her approach is quiet, thoughtful and always insightful. She builds strong and trusted relationships with people at all levels in an organisation enabling her to sense how leadership behaviours and transformation programmes are being received.

She is known for delivering difficult messages to senior leaders with sensitivity and clarity, and then working with them to agree interventions that will deliver the changes and outcomes they need. She’s also very experienced at working calmly and building relationships in high risk and high stress situations where judgements must be made quickly on very limited information. Clients describe her as a ‘go to’ person when they are considering transformational change as she has a wealth of experience that she draws on to design creative and unique interventions. It’s Maggie’s belief that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to personal or organisational change; each situation will require a unique mixture of approaches to achieve success. 

Bridget Jolliffe

Bridget’s unique talent is rooted in her intuitive ability to rapidly develop trusting and strong relationships and find the conversation opener to start a depth of dialogue that leaders and teams experience as liberating, energising and insightful.  Clients describe her as a powerful, “straight-talking” practitioner who is adaptable and energetic, thoughtful, caring and inclusive.  She effectively applies the art and science of meaningful dialogue by positioning and grounding what’s going on in a language that people can really hear and relate to. It is Bridget’s belief that successful organisation transformation occurs when people are able to engage and connect honestly and are prepared to get to know themselves differently in different situations. By concentrating on the “here and now” she helps the client remove obstacles and remain authentically present in the system, whilst building their capability and becoming self-sufficient.
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