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Maggie Marriott

Approach Maggie knows from experience that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to personal or organisational change; each situation will require a unique mixture of approaches, experiences and tools to achieve the outcomes you seek. Vitally, all engagements begin with getting to know each other and building trust. Who she is, what she knows and what she can do, all play a part in what she sees, what she shares and what questions she asks when she walks alongside you as you progress towards your outcomes.

Skills Maggie is a skilled in a wide range of philosophies for personal and organisational change. She favours a Gestalt approach which involves awareness of the whole person or organisation, sensing what is happening in the wider field and what is most figural to work on in the moment. She takes an iterative (sometimes called Agile in the world of IT) approach to her work, taking a few steps at a time and noticing what changes have occurred before agreeing with your what next steps to take. She is also skilled in project and programme management and how to bring this iterative approach to work that needs to be tightly monitored.

Maggie is also speaking and writing about how we can learn to talk about sexual behaviours at work to fill the void between the silence many people feel they have to keep and sexual harassment processes. 

Experience Maggie has over 30 years experience working one-to-one, with teams and with major organisational change Programmes in the Public and Private sector where she has designed and delivered many multi-million pound change programmes. She works independently, is an associate for a number of consulting organisations and also volunteers her skills to charities within Gloucestershire.

Nature Maggie is quietly spoken and will always be a calm, supportive presence alongside you.  Her strong, compassionate and quiet presence often brings a different energy to her work, an energy that will encourage you to look at yourself and your  work in different ways. If you want difference, Maggie may be what you need. 

Bethan Marriott

Bethan is a multidisciplinary artist exploring storytelling around people’s relationships with place, nature and each other. Through a combination conversational and observational techniques to reveal what it is to feel belonging and connection. She explores unusual ways for people to share stories and attempts to capture and record personal narratives with honesty and exposing some of the beauty and humour of our everyday lives. She hopes through doing this greater empathy and understanding between people can grow and we can find joy in other people around us and the places we are in. She works with people to explore how drawing, storytelling and a participatory practice can create positive change. 

Bethan coaches people in their own creative practice and works alongside Maggie to facilitate creative workshops.

You can find out more about Bethan's own art on her website https://www.bethanmarriott.com

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