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If you live in the UK you may have watched the TV quiz show called Catchphrase where a contestant must guess a familiar phrase represented by the images they see, like this one.

Sometimes they find this incredibly hard to do. They are under pressure. They are so close to the challenge they can’t see it.

I’ve witnessed the same happening in business. Life at work is often fast passed with way more work than you can possibly do in the time you’ve got. It’s really easy to start guessing why other people are behaving the way they are. Or ignoring the obvious because you think everyone can see what you can see.

In the TV show, people are encouraged to ‘say what you see’ as a way to help them find the answer.

I often find the same is useful in business. Say how you are seeing people behave or what you think is blindingly obvious. Say it with curiosity and without judgement.

I think you may be surprised by what you learn.

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