How can I help?

Do you need someone to think things through with?

Sometimes trying to think things through alone in your head can work and at other times it can lead to feeling stuck and frustrated. If you are reaching the point where you think talking to a professional and experienced coach might help then I am here for you.

I will work with you to help expand your awareness of what is happening now and what you need or want from your life instead. We will work together with curiosity and experimentation to discover how to make the changes you crave for. We can do this through conventional talking in an agreed place or we can walk in the countryside or my small woodland or we can use creative tools such as modelling clay, lego, drawing etc. Together we will find what works for you.  

Do you need help evolving your business?

Running a healthy business can be both wonderful and challenging and sometimes you just need someone to talk to so you can get a clearer view of where you are going and what needs to happen to get there. If this is a place that is familiar to you and you could do with another head to help you think things through then I am here for you.

I will listen. We will reflect together. I will ask questions and listen some more. I will work alongside you to help everyone in your team or organisation understand what your vision is and how different that is from the reality of today. From these foundations we will design and take individual steps towards your vision, constantly checking what happens after each change to make sure we are still on the path to success. And I will stay and work alongside you to deliver your vision as long as you need me to.

I believe successful change is built on the foundations of awareness and acceptance of how things really are in your business - are your ready to find out and succeed?

Two heads are often better than one so why not give me a call and let's find out.

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