What's still pulling at your soul?

Work is a place that can make or break us. It can be a vocation or a monetary necessity, and sometimes both. It’s easy to lose our selves in our work and end up feeling like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the last hill only to see it fall back and knowing we will have to start all over again on Monday morning.

If this sounds familiar here are some questions that might help you reconnect with what’s pulling deep in your soul.

  1. Reach back into your childhood memories and remember where you found a sense of freedom or which childhood hero suggested freedom to you, it could be a character in a book or a rebellious aunt. Dig deep and reclaim that feeling of freedom, of spaciousness.
  2. Now, if only just for a moment, find the part of you that does not give a damn about your work or your organisation. From here, look at your work eye to eye, as equals and see with fresh eyes how it supports you to be free, to be truly you, or how it restricts your freedom.
  3. Remembering the feeling of childhood freedom and comparing this with your current work start to notice what nourishes it and what’s missing. Listen carefully for that long suppressed echo from years ago which is still pulling at your soul.
  4. Take these feelings outside, go for a walk or a ride or just sit, and begin to reflect on where you can feed the freedom your soul is calling you to find. Can you make ways to find it in your current work or is it time for a change? Or can you find this freedom outside work by making the time to spend with friends or family or exploring the world or making something. Take the time to find out what you need.
  5. Begin to experiment with what you find, it may be scary at first. Take a first step and see what happens, as the poet David Whyte says in his poem “Start close in”
“…start with the first thing close in, the step you don’t want to take”

Repeat steps 1 to 5 regularly and see how close you’re getting to meeting the pull of your soul.

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