What sort of conversations are you having?

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We talk a lot. At home, at work, with children, with people at the checkout.

And yet often we hear very little and don’t feel heard.

How much time do you spend 

…talking as if in a game of cricket, each person waiting for a turn to bat? 

….discussing things in order to make a decision? 

….being in a dialogue to truly hear someone, to appreciate their views even if you don’t agree with them?

Of course, all have their place. 

I know when I ask for feedback about how I’m doing I’ll get a variety of views; some I’ll like and some may be harder to hear.  I could get into a discussion about how somebody could possibly say that about me, and the conversation may well become antagonistic and a batting contest. But I believe it’s only when I take the time to truly hear and understand the feedback that’s given to me that it’s most valuable to both me and the person giving it. 

When I want change, dialogue is the key not just discussion. 

Sadly in many organisations dialogue is a rarity.

But I can help with that.

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